Injuries on New York subways

Injuries on New York subways

For many people living in New York, riding the subway is their preferred method of transportation and forms a part of their daily routine as they go to and from work, school, or anywhere else in the city. It is such a normal part of their day that most people would never imagine that they could be seriously injured while using the subway. Nevertheless, it is estimated that thousands of subway injuries occur every year, not including those that go unreported. It may be odd to consider that so many people can come to harm on a conveyance that is a staple of daily life in New York. The reality is, however, that a number of injuries can occur while on the platform or riding the subway, and depending on the severity, can warrant a personal injury claim.

Here we’ll cover some of the more serious injuries that occur while using subway services. If any of these or other injuries have happened to you on the subway, contact our attorneys at Novo Law Firm PC as soon as possible. We’ll let you know if you have a case and guide you through the next steps in securing the financial recovery you’re entitled to.

Serious injuries on the subway

As anyone who regularly uses the subway knows, it is not always a smooth a ride. People bump and jostle each other as they make their way through the platform and onto the subway. Then, the subway itself has passengers rocking back and forth with its starts and stops. While most people safely arrive at their destination through the subway, some do sustain injuries—most of which are a result of falling along the subway platform or on the subway itself. These injures can be as mild as a small scrape or bruise or as severe as head trauma.

Back and spinal injuries

Because a fall is usually unexpected and takes you completely by surprise, you have almost no time to react and brace yourself for the impact that is sure to come when you hit the floor. A sudden stop or jolt on the subway or a wet platform can cause your feet to slip out from under you and land you on your backside. If the impact is forceful enough, your back and spine can undergo serious damage. In addition to hurting your muscles and bones, you can suffer a fracture to your vertebrae, possibly damaging your spinal cord. These parts of our bodies are essential for mobility and control, and any injury that comes to them as a result of a fall can lead to severe impairments.

Fractured or broken bones

For many people, the abrupt stops and starts of a subway ride and the bustling platform are just a regular part of their day. For the elderly and physically disabled, however, these seemingly mundane aspects of using subway services can pose a risk of fractured bones in a fall. The fragile condition of the elderly in terms of lack of balance and physical frailty means that even a slight fall can lead to broken bones along the pelvis, wrist, or back. Similarly, depending on the nature of their condition, someone who is physically disabled might have reduced coordination, which means that the jerky movements of the subway or a wet platform puts them at a greater risk for a fall that can result in bone fractures. A majority of people can quickly pick themselves up from a fall, but for these groups, a fall can have severe consequences.

Head trauma

Subway rides are anything but smooth. In the course of a route, there are sudden jerks and jolts that can fling passengers back and forth or side to side. The force of these movements can cause falls and blunt contact against a wall or window, possibly leading to serious head injury. Depending on the force of the impact and where you hit your head, you may suffer a concussion. A concussion can lead to loss of consciousness and produce other temporary cognitive symptoms such as headache, confusion, or memory loss. In contrast, a traumatic brain injury, which results from a more violent blow to the head, can have permanent effects on cognition, memory, and motor skills.

Although severe injuries on subways are not extremely common, they do happen. Cases of passengers falling over are perhaps the most frequently reported. Unfortunately, the injuries sustained in a fall can vary widely, from a minor scrape all the way to a traumatic brain injury. If you or a loved one has been injured while using subway services, don’t hesitate to contact one of our personal injury attorneys at Novo Law Firm PC. We’ll assess your accident and injuries and let you know if you have a case. You deserve to receive full and fair compensation for your suffering, and we’ll make sure you get it.  



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