Personal Injury Lawyer near Me 10474 New York

Personal Injury Lawyer near Me 10474 New York

Have you sustained serious injuries from an incident in which there is a party to blame? Then you have the legal right to charge that party to court and obtain monetary compensation for the suffering you have been subjected to. The law of New York makes this possible under personal injury, and to exercise fully your rights, it is important you seek legal backing from a New York personal injury attorney.

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If you live around 10474 Bronx County, you can contact our law office to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer near you. We offer a free consultation and would represent you without any charges until we have successfully won you compensation (known as damages).

You may have sustained a fracture, lost limb or a broken spine. It could be that it is your loved one that you have lost. We understand how much pains and trauma such things can cause you, and that is why we would reach forth to the long arms of the law to ensure you get the relief you seek. Contact us today.

Helping you understand personal injury

If you believe you have a personal injury claim, it is important you consult an attorney on time in order for them to evaluate the case to determine if it passes as personal injury. Note that personal injury is any bodily injury or damage to your mental capacity due to the negligence, intention or inaction of another. Most of these cases stem from acts of negligence such as:

  • Automobile/pedestrian accidents
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Slip and falls — probably the floor was left wet and slippery due to poor maintenance
  • Medical malpractice — healthcare that falls below standard
  • Dog bites
  • Defective products, etc.


Damages refer to the amount of money which you would be granted by the court as compensation for the damage done to you. It is payable by your injurer or the insurance coverage as the case may be. There is no predetermined amount for any particular injury. The amount would be estimated based on the nature of the injury and how it personally affects the individual.

For example, due to a resulting disability, paralysis, or damaged brain function, you or your loved one may become unable to work and earn ever again. This makes life difficult. Such things must be considered when estimating damages because the compensation must cover all the limitations you have been subjected to, including your current and future medical expenses. This is to help you in a sense become “whole again”.

Proving your claim

For you to be awarded compensation, your claim must be put through four tests viz.:

  • Did the defendant owe you a duty of care?
  • Did they breach that duty?
  • Was it the breach that led to the accident?
  • And did you sustain any actual injury on your body or mind from the accident?

As your personal injury lawyer, we would help to build your case around these points. It starts by collecting evidence, witness testimonies, police reports and any camera footage if any, to prove to the court that actually you have been a victim of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness.

New York Statute of Limitations

It is crucial that you are aware there is a maximum time limit for you to file your claim. In New York, you must do so within a maximum of 3 years from the date of the incident or else you would no longer be eligible to do so. It typically ranges from 1-3years, meaning some claims can no longer be filed after a year.

It is therefore expedient that you contact a lawyer as soon as you can to avoid letting your injurer go scot-free without paying wrong. Not only that, but you would have to then foot your own bills yourself. To avoid this, try to speak with a lawyer as soon as you have gotten sufficient treatment. You can ask a loved one to get legal help for you, and you can as well do it for your loved one.

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Your quality of life matters to us. It is nobody’s wish or fault that they suffer something they did not directly bring upon themselves. Let us help you seek compensation for your unjust suffering. Contact our law office today for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer near you in Bronx, NY 10474.



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