Best Personal Injury Lawyer near Me 10455

Personal Injury Lawyer near Me 10455

No one deserves to go through pains and suffering like losing a limb, getting paralyzed, or losing a loved one. And when such incidents occur simply because somebody else was careless or reckless, the pain becomes even more traumatic. If you or your loved one is currently going through such, New York Law allows you to charge that party to court for personal injury. And to ensure you obtain the right compensation for your unjust affliction, it is important you get the right legal representation.

Let us help you obtain the relief you seek. If you live around The Bronx, NY, 10455, simply contact our law office to get in touch with a seasoned personal injury lawyer near you.

Let us help you

When you contact us, your lawyer will evaluate your case for free, going through all the points that qualify it as personal injury, and discussing the appropriate steps to take. If it is to mediate with the insurance company involved, he would do so ensuring you get maximum compensation to cover your medical expenses. Otherwise, he would help you file a lawsuit against your injurer and advocate your claim in court.

It does not matter who you are coming up against, be they a high-profile corporation or a government entity; we have never been and never will be intimidated by such. With us, you can rest assured knowing your rights will be exercised and the law of personal injury will grant you justice and relief.

When to know you have a personal injury case

You have a personal injury case when someone directly or indirectly puts you in the way of harm and you end up actually sustaining injuries to your body or mind.

Personal injury is given by the fact that you were owed a duty of care by a party and that party failed to offer you that civil obligation; by so doing, they compromised your safety.

Let us now briefly look at common types of personal injury cases.

Types of personal injury cases

Personal injury cases include but are not limited to the following:

  • Product liability: Manufacturers are not expected to distribute defective products that could cause harm. If you use a product and get hurt because there is a defect, then you are in your right to sue the company for personal injury.
  • Premises liability: A typical example of premises liability is a slip and fall. Slip and falls are most common in properties in which snow or water is carelessly left on the floor. Property owners should keep their premises safe, functional and free from exposed harmful substances that may cause harm to visitors, passersby, customers, and so on.
  • Medical malpractice: There is said to be medical malpractice when you get harmed because your doctor offers you treatment that is below standard, or refuses to treat you first before asking for money despite seeing you are in a critical condition.
  • Car accidents: Car accidents are the most frequently filed cases of personal injury. We all know lots of accidents happen daily on the road and sometimes one or more drivers are to blame. If you sustain serious or catastrophic injuries such as dismemberment, disfigurement, fracture, brain injury, loss of pregnancy, permanent or temporary disability for up to 90 days of the 180 days after the incident, or even death of a loved one from such an accident, then you can sue the driver that is responsible. If your injuries are not serious, then the vehicle insurance would suffice to provide coverage.
  • Dog bites: Some dogs supposedly kept as pets sometimes display aggression. In New York, if a dog which has shown aggression or have once bitten someone bites someone else in the future, the owner is liable for personal injury. This is because they are obliged by law to restrain such a dog which has prior shown a history of aggression, even once.
  • Construction site accidents: As a construction worker, if you sustain a serious injury while working because adequate PPE or safety measures were not offered you by your employers, then you can sue them for personal injury.
  • Nursing home negligence: Under-staffing, under-qualified staffing, lack of adequate training and negligence in nursing homes can lead to your elderly loved one getting harmed. The nursing home becomes liable.

Get help quickly

As soon as you or your loved one suffer injuries in similar ways as above, quickly get in touch with a personal injury lawyer. The maximum time allowed for you to file your claim is 3 years, and some cases have shorter deadlines. It is therefore expedient you consult a lawyer as soon as possible. For legal assistance in The Bronx NY 10455, contact our law office.



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