Personal Injury Attorney the Bronx, NY, 10451

Personal Injury Attorney the Bronx, NY, 10451

Personal Injury NY

Lots of people get injured daily and a considerable portion of these accidents are caused by someone else’s negligence. In the end, someone else suffers pain and injury from an accident which would not have happened if someone else had followed some rules or gave regard for the safety of others. To create justice for sufferings caused by someone else’s misdeeds, the law allows injured victims to file personal injury lawsuits and demand compensation for the pains and losses suffered. The process requires proof as to your claims and why you deserve to be compensated. This is a New York personal injury attorney’s job.

Get legal assistance from a personal injury attorney 10451

Have you reasons to believe you have been injured out of someone’s inappropriate actions? Then it is high time you contact a lawyer well-versed in NY personal injury laws to give you legal representation and prove your claims before the court. This is our area of specialization. Our personal injury attorneys are reputable for handling cases for a plethora of clients and achieving maximum compensation for the damages they are made to suffer. But most importantly, when you contact us, we review the circumstances of your claim to determine if it passes as an actual personal injury. We can help you seek compensation through mediation or court trial as best fit for the case. Contact us if you need a personal injury attorney in The Bronx 10451.

Determining when you have a personal injury claim

It is imperative you understand personal injury to be able to discern when you have become a victim. New York law recognizes any bodily or physiological injury sustained simply because another party has been negligent or they intentionally wanted to harm someone. Most personal injury cases are acts of negligence (such as a driver failing to look behind before reversing and so hitting another vehicle or pedestrian behind) although assaults and battery also fall under it. It is advisable you consult a personal injury attorney as soon as possible so they can investigate and recover fresh evidence to prove your case. Your consultation with a personal injury attorney at our law firm is free until damages have been won.

What is the time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit in New York?

The maximum time limit to file a personal injury lawsuit in New York is 3 years from the date of the incident. For most medical malpractice claims and those against a government entity, the timeline is usually less.

Common cases of personal injury

  • Construction site accidents caused by inadequate PPE for workers, leaving the workers in the dark about the hazards of the job, etc.
  • Vehicle/train/pedestrian accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slips and falls, which may be caused by allowing liquids/snow remain on the floor, disregarding the fact that visitors/customers will walk into thw shop.
  • Dog bites

Can death pass as personal injury?

If you believe the death of your loved one to have been due to someone else’s negligence, then you can file a personal injury claim under wrongful death or survival action. The total damages would likely include funeral bills, lost income, the pain and grief, etc.

What would be the value of my personal injury claim?

Determining the monetary worth to be awarded to you for damages is neither fixed nor so straightforward. There are some considerations to make in eatimating the final amount. The injury could lead to a temporary or permanent disability that prevents you from working and earning. There are also medical bills to be paid, as well as the pain and suffering you’d have to manage. All these things are calculated to sum up your damages.

This is one aspect where our personal injury attorneys are highly proficient. We bring in professionals which may include a doctor to assess the implication of the injury and cost of healthcare, a financial personnel to estimate the amount of money you may have earned during that time up to the future had you not been injured. We ensure that the maximum compensation for your loss is paid back in full.

What if I have a hand in my own misfortune?

If you partly were at fault in the accident, your percentage of fault will be valuated and deducted from the amount you should have received. This is done through comparative fault analysis.

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It is advised you consult a personal injury attorney early to know actually where you stand. Let us help you seek the relief you so deserve. Our attorneys are never intimated by high-profile defendants, or scared of going to trial. Whatever needs to be done within the far reaches of the law would be done to see justice given. Call us today.



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