What you do when you have a personal injury claim

What you do when you have a personal injury claim

It is often easy to determine a personal injury claim. If you had sustained injury from any incident of which you have reason to believe have been caused by some other party’s negligence or recklessness, then you have a case against them. This is given by the fact that in certain instances and places we find ourselves, each person holds a duty of care to others – that is, an obligation to avoid putting them in the way of danger, or informing them about possible danger.

For example, a construction company ought to provide personal protective equipment for their workers because of the risks of their job. Cream manufacturers also have a duty to inform the users of the adverse effects of the product. In addition, a driver is expected to drive at a reasonably safe speed in order not to run into someone else. If you get injured because someone has not fulfilled his or her duty of care to you, then you may have a case. However, it is crucial you first speak contact a personal injury law firm near you before taking further steps.

Contact a personal injury law firm immediately.

Once you are into any personal injury case, rather than handle things all by yourself, the best thing is to involve a professional law firm. An experienced personal injury attorney from our law firm can walk over your case with you, mediate with your insurance company or legally represent you in court against your injurer as the case demands. If you live around The Bronx, New York, simply give us a call to speak with a reputable personal injury lawyer near you.

Medical treatment during personal injury case.

Even while legally pursuing your case on any personal injury you should ensure medical treatment of yourself. You lawyer will handle the case on your behalf while you get better. 

The New York statute of limitations mandates you to file your claim before the passing of three years from the date of the incident. For cases like medical malpractice and those against a government entity, the time frame is typically shorter.

Estimating the worth of damages in personal injury

Many factors are considered in estimating the value of the compensation. At our law firm, our team of personal injury attorneys would look into the financial losses which you would incur due to the injury in terms of medical bills and wages you would miss out on. The degree of pains you suffer and the length of it will also increase the amount of money. All these assessments are done with the help of medical and financial professionals. Our personal injury lawyer will help you through this process.

Key note on personal injury claims.

  • Not every injury occurring on a property may pass as personal injury. The duty of care varies at each given situation and is not spelled out in the constitution. However, there are certain laws in the state guiding these things.
  • If you had sustained serious injuries and believe your injuries were a direct or indirect result of someone’s unreasonable action or inaction, then you have a personal injury claim and are entitled to compensation. The amount would be to proportional to the injuries and liabilities you have been put into.
  • Personal injury claims in New York are dealt with according to the State laws. For a personal injury claim to be recognized in a civil court in the state and for damages to be awarded, it must be proven to be in accordance with the laws. It must be proven that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care but neglected the duty, and that this led to an accident in which the plaintiff was harmed.

Contact a personal Injury lawyer near you today.

There are several laws guiding how personal injury claims are addressed which may be too complicated for you to understand. It is important consulting a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and determine what steps need to be taken. Our law firm has over the years helped victims get the relief they sought through mediation and legal representation. Our objective is to see justice served. Call us to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer near you.



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