Personal Injury Lawyer near Me 10468

Personal Injury Lawyer near Me 10468

Our law office based in New York offers professional and compassionate legal assistance to victims of personal injury. You can contact us to speak with a personal injury lawyer near you in Bronx County 10468.

Your lawyer, well-seasoned in the personal injury laws of New York, will review your case to determine where it stands in the law and what steps need to be taken. If the incident is one that requires mediation with your insurance company or settlement with your injurer, your lawyer will do so on your behalf, ensuring you obtain full compensation for your pains, trauma and medical bills. If a lawsuit against your injurer is expedient, your lawyer would help you file your claim and represent you in court, presenting all evidence and proof to ensure that justice is served.

We advise contacting a lawyer early as this aids gathering of evidence, which helps build your case towards success. Contact us now to consult a personal injury lawyer for free.

What is personal injury?

Personal injury is an aspect of tort law that deals with injury to your body or mind due to the action or inaction of another party. More often than not, these actions or inaction are acts of negligence, and the injury here is an actual physiological or mental one.

Types/examples of personal injury cases

A personal injury claim can result from any kind of accident so long someone was at fault for causing the accident which led to your injury. It is given by the fact that one party owed you a civil obligation to care for your safety but flouted it.

Let us now look at common scenarios.

1.      Construction site accidents

So many accidents happen at construction sites yearly. People get injured or even die while working on sites. It could be that you are a worker for a construction company. It is the duty of your employers to provide protective gears and safety measures while working on site due to the danger often involved. They are also expected to inform you of the toxic substances on site if any. If they do not do this, it means they have neglected their duty of care, and if you get injured as a result, possibly by touching a harmful substance which they should have informed you off, they become liable.

Pedestrians as well as road users can also get injured at an ongoing construction site possibly because a warning sign was not placed there.

2.      Automobile accidents

Car accidents make the bulk of personal injury cases in New York City. People sustain all kinds of injuries after getting hit by a vehicle, and occasionally, it is because the driver was either not paying attention to the road and/or was over speeding.

But there is a caveat: you can only file a personal injury claim for a car accident when the injury is serious such as a fracture, loss of limb, disfigurement, miscarriage, head injury, death of a loved one, and similar cases. If the injury is minor, then the car insurance will provide optimum coverage.

3.      Dog bites

If you have a dog and identifies it to be aggressive, you are expected to take adequate measures to prevent it from harming anyone. If you do not and the dog bites an animal or human being, you can be charged for personal injury. In New York, there must be a history of evident aggression of the dog before the owner becomes liable for any new incident. It could be that the dog has bitten someone before.

4.      Medical malpractice

When your physician administers treatment that falls below medical standard and you get harmed consequently, you can sue them for personal injury.

5.      Nursing home negligence

Your elderly loved one may be abused in a nursing home facility. Or it could be that they were negligent, kept the facility under-maintained, and so exposed your loved one to harm. If you notice injuries or sores on the body of your loved one, we advise you speak with the management or a lawyer, or remove the person from the home.

6.      Defective product

Manufacturing companies ought to discontinue distribution if they notice that a product is harmful. If you unknowingly use such a product and get harmed, you can sue the company.

7.      Slip and fall (premises liability)

Property owners are liable when another party gets injured on their property because their premises were inadequately maintained. It could be a wet or slippery floor leading to a slip and fall.

Get help

Whatever the case, it is important you speak with a New York personal injury lawyer 10468 to evaluate your case and help you seek compensation. We can do that for you. Contact us now for a free case evaluation.



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