Personal Injury Lawyer near Me 10456

Personal Injury Lawyer near Me 10456

If you or your loved one is currently suffering injuries from an accident that occurred because another party had failed to act responsibly, then you have the right to seek compensation under personal injury law in New York. Having to suffer the pains of a lost arm, fracture, or even death of a loved one is traumatizing. Such an accident may not have happened if some other party had done what they ought to have done, and now you are made to bear the pains whether temporarily or for a lifetime.

Your medical bills, lost earnings, and inability to enjoy life would have to be compensated for. This is why you need to contact a personal injury lawyer to advocate your case immediately. If you live around The Bronx, New York, then simply contact our law office for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer 10456.

How we can help you

It is our duty to help you file your case before the civil court and give you legal representation. With us, you have a higher chance to receive both the sympathy of the court and full compensation for your losses because we would treat your case with empathy and compassion. We would elucidate how you have been wrongly put into unjust suffering and disadvantage because of someone who has failed to perform their civil duty of care to you. It is our goal to ensure that the full amount you deserve is awarded.

It is possible that your case lies with your insurance company. We can also help you mediate with same to ensure that they give you the full amount to settle your medical bills; that which you have already spent and that which you’d require in the future.

Estimating damages

The amount of money you would be awarded in a personal injury case is known legally as damages. This amount has no predetermined value, and is estimated based on the specific circumstances of your injury, and as your personal injury lawyer, we have a huge role to play in this. We often consult medical professionals to assess the:

  • Full nature and implication of your injuries
  • How long you are expected to suffer the pains
  • Net amount of money to foot your overall medical expenses.

We would also carry out assessment of the consequences of your injuries such as the financial disadvantage you have been put into being unable to work and earn during your recovery period. The final amount of money to be awarded must cover all these things. The essence of damages is to compensate you for all the losses which you incur due to those injuries. For permanent injuries such as a lost arm, paralysis, brain damage, etc., the amount granted as damages is significantly higher.

Proving your case

For you to be deserving of damages, we must prove the following:

  1. That the defendant owed you a duty of care. It may have been they were supposed to notify the public of the presence of harmful substances in their working environment, keep their property adequately maintained to avoid accidents, etc.
  2. That they breached that duty. Possibly they had not notified you of the presence of any toxic substance as they should have done; had left water or a banana peel on the floor leading to your slipping and falling; had failed to provide you PPE as an employee, etc.
  3. That the breach led to an accident.
  4. And that you sustained injuries to your body or mind from the same accident.

Personal injury as tort law

Personal injury is an aspect of tort law that deals with actual harm to the body or mind due to another party’s misconduct. You can only file a personal injury claim when there is physical, physiological and mental injury (like neural impairment or brain damage). This is opposed to other wrongful conducts which only lead to other kinds of harm or loss such as breach of contract, trade libel, defamation, etc.

Time limit to file your claim

New York statute of limitations mandates you to file your claim within a maximum 3 years of the incident. But you should know that each specific case has its own time limit, and some are just 12 months. Once this time passes, you can no longer present your case in court. It becomes important that you contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Personal injury attorney near me 10456

It is critical that you work with an attorney who is highly knowledgeable in the laws of your county. If you live around Bronx County 10456, you can call us to get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer near you. And yes, your first consultation is free!



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