New York personal injury cases

New York personal injury cases

A personal injury case can result from virtually any kind of incident so long someone failed to live up to their duty of care for the victim. If one party was expected to act a certain way at a given time and place but failed to do so and you end up injured as a result, then you have a personal injury case. This can happen anywhere but the following are some of the most common cases.

Automobile accident

Automobile accidents may include accidents between car-car, car-pedestrian, car-truck, truck-pedestrian, bike accidents, and the likes. Car accidents are the majority of personal injury cases in the US and occur when a person is injured from an accident of which some driver is to blame. Possibly you were hit by a drunk or and/or over speeding driver. Alternatively, possibly your taxi driver was driving an under-maintained vehicle of which the brakes were broken.

Construction accidents

Accidents at construction sites are very common. It can be as a result of inadequate PPE for workers, not offering them education on the hazards and toxic substances on site, or probably warning signs were not put in place to ward off users. Injuries resulting from such negligence may qualify as personal injury.

Nursing home negligence

Personal injury also occurs in old people’s home. Take for instance the premises are in a very poor condition not conducive for old people and they develop pores on their skin or other varying diseases. Personal injury in nursing homes could also be due to under-staffing, lack of proper training and qualifications among the workers, elder abuse, negligence, etc. If you notice injuries or pores on the body your loved one, speak with those in charge or get a lawyer as the case demands.

Premises liability

Property owners and shop owners have a civil obligation to keep their premises clean and safe for people inhabiting or visiting the property. New York laws mandate homeowners to clear off snow from their premises daily to avoid slips and falls. Shop owners are also expected to place their stock safely to avoid them falling on and harming customers. If such duty of care is owed you but they fail to offer it, then they are liable to you for any injury sustained due to their negligence.

Defective product

A defective product may harm a user. Take for example an electronic device which is highly liable to explode. The manufacturer owes a duty of care to either inform the user of the product’s tendencies or stop its sales. If an unsuspecting user gets injured because they were not warned, they can sue the company for not only manufacturing defective products but for personal injury.

Medical malpractice

If out of negligence or substandard treatment provided by your physician your health worsens, you may sue the physician.

having your treatment go sideways may not be the fault of your physician and therefore would not fall under medical malpractice.

New York personal injury laws

Personal injury laws in New York are a part of tort law which handles bodily and/or emotional injuries. Here, there must be actual injury on the person as opposed to financial loss, defamation or a mere threat.

The law allows you to sue your injurer and if your claim is found valid, would be awarded damages (monetary compensation) payable by your injurer to cover for all the medical bills, pains and liabilities you will suffer due to the injury.

Bottom line

An experienced personal injury attorney from our law firm can walk over your case with you, mediate with your insurance company or legally represent you in court against your injurer as the case demands. If you live around The Bronx, 10467 simply give us a call to speak with a reputable personal injury lawyer near you.

Contact a Personal injury lawyer near you today.

So many kinds of accidents happen every day of which some are caused by someone else’s inappropriate action or intention. If you feel you have become an unfortunate victim of someone’s recklessness or negligence, be they a government entity or high-profile corporate body, they are liable by personal injury law of New York to make up for the pains they have put you through. It is highly crucial you consult a personal injury attorney to assess your claim and identify the points that qualify it as actual personal injury.



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