What is personal injury law?

What is personal injury law?

An individual shot by a drunk person can file lawsuit and claim damages for his or her injuries. This is possible according to personal injury law.  To ensure that nothing goes wrong with the process, it is advisable that you hire a competent personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury cases can simply be defined as those cases that are as a result of injury caused by another individual. These injuries could be

  • A gun shot injury
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • A boat mishap
  • A car accident
  • A plane crash
  • Injury caused by pets

And the list goes on.

It is important you don’t wait too long after an accident because statute of limitations also applies to personal injury cases. This denotes that after a certain period, you won’t be able to take legal action.

It is also important you know that statute of limitations varies for each state and injury .So contact your personal injury lawyer to know the statute of limitations for New York, including other important information regarding your case.

Must you always go to Court?

This is one of the reasons why you need a competent personal injury lawyer from a personal injury firm. Not all personal injury cases are to be settled in court. If the perpetrator is cooperative and willing to meet your demands, you can consider an out-of-court settlement.  It is less stressful and cheaper than settling in court.

Sometimes, the court judgment may not be in your favor. What does that mean? It means you have wasted your time and money. Consider court settlement if the perpetrator is not cooperative or willing to meet your demands.

Personal injury and Negligence

Negligence remains one of the primary causes of personal injury.  Negligence is simply when an individual decides to act in an irresponsible manner thus, resulting in the injury of another person. This doesn’t denote that a person will get injured each time someone acts in an irresponsible manner. This doctrine is very aware that some injuries can be avoided. To establish liability, the plaintiff will have to demonstrate to the court that a responsible individual in the same situation as the defendant wouldn’t have taken the same action that he or she took which resulted in the injury or accident.

There are several types of negligence and the common of them all is car accidents caused by individuals driving under the influence. Another common example is medical complications a result of an avoided mistake made by a medical practitioner. Or illness caused as a result of the intake of a certain consumable product. The list is endless!

In the examples mentioned above the perpetuators failed in their responsibility, and by so doing, someone was harmed or injured. As soon as negligence on the part of the responsible party is proven to be the reason behind the plaintiff’s injury, the defendant must pay for damages.

Personal Injury Law Firm In New York

To win a personal injury case in court, that is, in a bad-ass manner, you will need the help of a professional. This is where a personal injury law firm comes in. Such firms boast of the necessary attorneys needed to win such cases. These attorneys specializes in injury law and can help you negotiate- in a professional way-injury cases.

They have the experience, skill, and know-how to tackle whatever personal injury case you may present to them. Is it matters regarding wrong full death? Accidents? Or injury at your place of work? This professionals have you covered!

Furthermore, personal injury firms are home to attorneys who can provide you with valuable advice on the right legal remedy. Sometimes, an out-of-the-court settlement is far better and cheap than a settlement in court.

To ensure that, the right punishment is meted out to persons who hurt you either via negligence, hatred, recklessness, or what have you, it is best you ensure that you visit a personal injury law firm. We are one of the best injury law firms out there and we can provide you with the best attorney for your case. Contact us today to get the justice you deserve!



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