Personal injury Law Firm near me 10451

Personal injury Law Firm near me 10451

Personal injury law and the purpose it serves are quite simple. This law aims to help individual pursue compensation if harmed by another party. However, the most crucial factor regarding any personal injury matter is negligence.

Negligence is the failure of an individual to do the right thing in a given scenario. Put simply, negligence is when an individual act in a careless manner. It is important you note that in any personal injury case, the plaintiff via his or her lawyer has to prove that the defendant’s negligence was what led to his or her injury. This simple denotes that negligence has an important role to play in any personal injury case.

What actions do you take if you were harmed by another party’s negligence?

When this happens, contact a good personal injury law firm and adhere to whatever advice you are given. Individuals who get severely injured due someone else’s negligence, often go through lots of difficulties. These difficulties could be financial, medical, mental, etc.

The aim of personal injury law is not to exert revenge on guilty party, but to ensure that the plaintiff is well compensated. For instance, if a man pulls the trigger of a gun carelessly and it unfortunately injures another party, the injured party can take the man to court and sue for damaged. The money gotten will be used to finance treatment and other expenses that may arise as a result of such negligence.

I was injured by another party, when should I contact an attorney?

While contacting an attorney shouldn’t be the first thing to cross your mind the very moment you are injured, have it mind that there is a time limit if you intend to take legal action. If you decide to pursue the case in court after the statute of limitation has passed, you will be disappointed.

Statute of limitations exist when it comes to personal Injury cases. This denotes that once the limitations is over, you won’t be able to pursue the case in court.  

Statute of Limitations for personal injury cases in New York.

What is a statute of limitation? It is simply a timeframe giving to individual to pursue a case to court. After the timeframe has elapsed, you won’t be able to take legal action.

Statute of limitations vary for each states and the type of injury. It is advised that you don’t waste time in taking personal Injury cases to court so that you will be able to claim damages.

In the state of New York, the statute of limitations is around 1-3 years, depending on the injury. However, the statute of limitation is always longer if the injured individual is a minor.

What are the various types of personal injury cases?

There are lots of personal injury cases and they happen on a daily basis. Below are some of them

  • Car accidents
  • Boat mishap
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Medical complication as a result of the carelessness of a medical practitioner
  • Injuries caused by animals
  • Gun injuries

Personal injury law firm New York

As the defendant or plaintiff in a personal injury case, it is important that you are represented by the best attorney. Where can such attorneys be gotten from, you may ask? You can get them from the best personal injury law firms in New York. We are one of those firms.

The help a personal injury law firm can render in your case is insurmountable. They do all the heavy lifting for you and will go the distance to ensure that your get justice. These law firms have the experience and expertise needed to navigate the entire process of your case.

Now, let’s focus on our personal injury law firm. As one of the best personal injury law firms in New York, we have all it takes to serve your interest. Is it advice you need? We can offer you the best advice with regards to your case, and even more. Do you need the best attorney for your case? We have lots of them.  We have successfully negotiated personal injury matters and will be glad to add yours to our success list. Contact us, it is your first step to victory!



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