Personal Injury Attorney, The Bronx, NY

Personal Injury Attorney, The Bronx, NY

For decades, our team of personal injury attorneys has committed itself to enforcing the rights of wrongfully injured victims, helping them seek empathy from the court and compensation for the pains they are made to suffer. We handle all sorts of personal injury cases involving

  • Construction site accidents,
  • Car accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective product
  • Slips and falls
  • Nursing home negligence
  • And lots more.

We have succeeded in winning millions as compensation (damages) for our clients, and we hope to do same for you. We are committed to getting you justice, and even though we cannot bring back a lost arm or impaired neural function, we would ensure you obtain the relief and funds necessary for your upkeep. It is our duty to see that all the disadvantage that that injury, someone else’s negligence and recklessness, has put you into.

You can always turn to our law firm in New York for effective and empathetic legal advocacy. Give us a call.

The pains of being wrongfully injured

Personal injury occurs mostly from accidents. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere; on the road, on a sidewalk, at a shop, at a construction site—just anywhere. And more often than not, the accident occurred because someone had not behaved the way they should have.

For example, if only that driver had maintained a safe speed, he would have been able to break after noticing you crossing the road. But instead, they were at a breakneck speed and so caused you devastating injuries, possibly a lost arm. Or perhaps, that property owner had not kept the snow or water off their floor. That had caused you a slip and fall, possibly given you a head injury. These and lots more are ways in which people are wrongfully put into pains and tragedy, suffering which they would not have had if that other person had behaved a bit more sensibly. And that is why the personal injury law of New York allows you to file a claim against your injurer to make them pay for your losses. And it is our aim to help you do so.

How we can help you

A personal injury attorney from our law firm will review your case with you, going over the points to ensure it passes as personal injury. Note that personal injury is any injury you sustain on your body or one that affects your mental health, due to the negligence or inappropriate actions of another party. When this happens, we can help mediate between you and your insurance company to ensure you get the full amount of compensation worthy of the particular accident. We can also do this through settlement as the case may be. If the incident requires more than that, we would legally represent you in court against your injurer. We have represented clients against high profile corporations without fear or intimidation, and have ensured that justice got served in the end.

Proving your case

A critical aspect of personal injury claims is proving your case before the court. This lies in the hands of your personal injury attorney. If the case is one that can be resolved through settlement or mediation with your insurance company, then the bone of contention would likely be how much money the company ought to pay. But in a personal injury claim brought before a jury, four critical points surrounding the claim must be assessed. These points are explained below.

  • Duty of care: At certain conditions and scenarios, there is a level of responsibility each party owes to all others to not put them in harm’s way. For example, drivers are expected to not drink before driving not just because of their own safety but for that of others. Also, employers are supposed to enlighten their workers of job hazards and provide them protective equipment. In a personal injury case, it must be proven that your injurer had owed you a duty of care in one way or the other.
  • Breach of duty: we must also prove before the court that your injurer neglected that duty of care. For example, he had driven while drunk, over sped, neglected to provide you adequate protection or treatment (as a physician), etc.
  • Causation: we must also prove that that breach of duty was actually what led to the accident.
  • Injury: Damages which you would be granted are to cover for the injuries (including cost of treatment, lost earnings and standard of living, etc.). It therefore follows that there must be evidence of sustained injuries on your person from that accident.

Call us

Personal injury is a legal matter in which there is a need to appeal to emotions and compassion. Our personal injury attorneys are compassionate and will handle your case with empathy, enabling the court to see exactly how you have been wronged, and ensuring all due compensation you deserve are given to you. To get in touch with a personal injury lawyer near you in The Bronx, NY, simply call our office today.



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