Personal Injury Attorney near Me

Personal Injury Attorney near Me

If you have sustained injury from an accident because someone failed to behave sensibly as expected, then personal injury law allows you to sue such a party to court for the sufferings you have been subjected to. A highly seasoned New York personal injury attorney from our law firm can offer you legal representation to get you justice and compensation for you or your loved one’s unjust pains.

How we can help

Our personal injury lawyers are experienced in handling court trials in New York, and are proficient as well in making negotiations with your insurance company if the case lies with them. Our goal is to help you seek relief and obtain the full compensation that you deserve. We also offer consultation services in which we would review your case to determine its standing in New York Personal injury law. To hire or consult with a personal injury attorney near you, simply place a call to our office today.

Common personal injury cases we handle

Personal injury cases we have often come across include but are not limited to the following:

1.     Car accidents

Car accidents make the bulk of personal injury cases in New York. A great number of persons have lost their limbs, get permanently disabled and even died in car accidents which more or less happened because some reckless driver did not follow some traffic rule. If you have found yourself or your loved one at the receiving end of someone else’s negligence and recklessness, know that you have a personal injury claim already and are deserving of compensation for your loss.

However, take note that this only applies to serious injuries. For minor injuries, the insurance covering the vehicle will provide coverage regardless of who was at fault according to New York no-fault law. It is important to consult a personal injury attorney to know exactly where you stand.

2.     Premise liability

Property owners owe their visitors, users, customers, etc. the obligation to care for their safety within the premises. This may include keeping the floors, facilities, staircases, and elevator safe for use so as not to cause injuries to people who use the property. If they fail to adequately maintain and someone gets injured, probably slips and falls because the floor was wet, there is a personal injury case.

3.     Medical malpractice

There is medical malpractice when an acclaimed healthcare professional administers substandard healthcare to a patient, and the patient’s condition becomes worse.

4.     Construction site accident

A workman who falls and sustains head injury during construction because adequate protective equipment was not provided can sue the employer for personal injury. Personal injury at construction sites may occur when persons are inhumanely exposed to hazards without being notified of the danger or provided safety measures/gears.

5.     Defective products

A defective product may lead to a personal injury claim when the product causes injury to the consumer. This is because the manufacturer has breached their duty of care to the consumer as they are supposed to produce only safe and usable goods, or otherwise warn the consumer of the side effects.

6.     Assault and battery

In New York law, an assault is a direct physical attack on another person. Assaults and batteries are a type of tort that has to do with intention as opposed to negligence. Here, the injurer’s intention was to injure the plaintiff, and they succeeded in doing just that. It may also lead to a criminal proceeding. However, the plaintiff would be awarded damages if found worthy of the claim.

Proving your case

As your person injury attorney, we must be able to prove four critical elements to the jury before damages can be awarded. These elements are:

  • Duty of care — you injurer (the accused) must have owed you an obligation to care for your safety at that particular point in time; e.g. to keep their property and facilities working well so as not to cause injury to users.
  • Breach of care — we must also prove that your injurer neglected their duty
  • Cause and effect — and that their negligence led to the accident
  • Injury — and that you suffer injury from the accident.

Personal injury attorney near me

It is our duty as legal experts to go to the depths of the law to ensure that justice is served. We understand how many pains someone else’s inappropriate action can cause you, and neither would the law allow you to suffer unfairly for it. Let us help you get the relief you deserve. Contact us for a free case evaluation.



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