The Bronx Personal Injury Attorney 10453

The Bronx Personal Injury Attorney 10453

Personal injury

Day after day, accidents continue to happen in New York, and so many of these accidents would not have happened if one party had been more careful or have done what was expected of them. In some of these accidents, the victims now have to suffer temporal and even life-long challenges physically, emotionally, and financially. And it is unfair that someone has to suffer this way because of someone else’s recklessness, and the law allows you to seek full financial compensation for your losses by filing a personal injury claim against your injurer. If you or your loved one has become a victim in The Bronx, NY 10453, waste no time in contacting our law firm for assistance.

Get legal help by calling our law office

Our team of expert personal injury attorneys is committed to giving you legal and empathetic assistance in filing your claim and recovering your losses. We’ll put all hands on deck until the best possible outcome is achieved. Call us for a free consultation to evaluate your case in order to determine the best approach to take.

Common types of personal injury cases

These include:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Subway accidents
  • Work site accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall
  • Product liability
  • Assault and battery (intentional torts)
  • Nursing home negligence, and lots more

What is considered serious injury in New York

For some accidents especially car accidents cases in NY, a personal injury may not be filed if the injury is minor. For some injuries, the insurance covering the car or premises would provide financial coverage. This law is referred to as no-fault. A personal injury claim may be filed if the injury is serious, defined by:

  • Loss of life
  • Loss of pregnancy
  • Loss of limb
  • Disfigurement
  • Fracture
  • Resulting temporal disability for more than 90 days after the accident
  • Resulting permanent disability.

Catastrophic injuries

An injury is regarded as catastrophic when it takes away the ability for the victim to ever enjoy life again. Such injuries may forever alter the looks, brain function, and locomotion of the individual. They often require intensive life-long treatment. The compensation to be awarded for such cases would be large enough to cover for the long-term medical bills and all the good things of life the victim has been deprived of.

What your personal injury attorney will do for you

At our law firm, our personal injury attorneys are highly knowledgeable in personal injury laws and will review your case to know where it stands. We understand the difficulties victims and their loved ones go through navigating the complicated legal procedures of filing the case, and so we will take these burdens off you; helping you build your case, gather evidence, file your claim and represent you in court.

With a fully competent and trial-seasoned attorney from our law firm, you can rest assured of obtaining the financial relief that will greatly aid your healing process.

Note that your injurer might be a very large and high-profile corporation such as a construction company or government enterprise. It may also be that your case lies with a big insurance company. Without having an experienced lawyer like we have working with you, the likelihood of success is slim or you may not get full compensation. Our legal team is never intimidated by high-profiles. We will go to the depths of the law to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Steps to take

Your attorney will first evaluate your case. Pieces of evidence must then be collected such as the healthcare you have received following the accident as well as the cost, police and/or witness report. These things will help back up our case once it has been filed.

As the case may be, it could be settled with your insurance company off-court or be litigated. Off-court settlements are quicker but most times you may end up not receiving the full amount due you. And while handling the case in court is more risky, it has the potential of giving you far more financial compensation. We understand this, and this is why we do our possible best to give you an all-round legal representation.

Wait no more; Contact us now

You should be aware that the maximum time limit for filing a personal injury claim in New York is 3 years from the date of the accident. The limit is shorter for some sensitive cases; as short as 12 months. As soon as you or your loved one gets substantial treatment for the injury, it is time to get justice and funding for your upkeep. Contact us now to speak with a personal injury attorney 10453, The Bronx, NY.



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