New York Personal Injury attorney 10457

New York Personal Injury attorney 10457

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Our personal injury lawyers are highly proficient and have represented personal injury victims all over NYC. We help in educating you on your legal rights and help you seek financial compensation you deserve for the suffering you do not deserve but are suffering. Note that your consultation with us is free, and we would only require our fees after successfully winning your case.  We serve the whole of New York City. If you wish to speak with an attorney near you in The Bronx 10457, simply contact us today to schedule a meeting.

Understanding personal injury NY

Personal injury law covers a very wide range of incidents. For the incident to be regarded as personal injury, one party would have sustained injuries to their body or mind, of which another party entirely is to blame for the injury. More often than not, it was because that second party was negligent or reckless. The common ones include car accidents, slip and falls, defective products, medical malpractice, amongst others. The truth is that so many people have been victims of personal injury without knowing or simply because they couldn’t pursue the case legally. But the law allows you to file a lawsuit against your injurer who out of carelessness or pure will is now making you to suffer a life-changing injury.

Personal injury as a law of tort

Tort law is a civil law that allows victims to seek compensation for the wrong they have been done by another party. In personal injury, that “wrong” is in terms of an actual damage done to their body or physiology as compared to other wrongs like slander, trade libel, etc. Also, most personal injury cases fall under the tort of negligence; that is, when someone fails to perform their duty of care to you. For example, a doctor failed to administer the desired or standard treatment you require at that very time, and so your health worsens considerably because of that very fact. It can also be an act of recklessness without regard for your safety. For instance, you are innocently walking along the road when a car owner comes speeding along and runs into you.

Personal injury can also be an intentional tort. This occurs when it was the person’s intention to actually cause physical harm to your body by hitting you.

New York As a highly busy city experiences a lot of accidents and mishaps. More often than not, there is someone to hold liable for such accidents in a civil and/or criminal prosecution. If you suffer serious injuries from such an accident, the court allows you to seek monetary compensation to make up for the damages done unto you.

Reasons for personal injury law

There are two primary reasons why personal injury laws were set up.

  1. To compensate injured victims financially as this goes a long way in their recovering process, medical bills, and lost enjoyment of life.
  2. For punitive purposes so as to deter people from endangering others in the future.

It is highly crucial for the injurers (who caused injuries out of their sheer carelessness or intention) to pay for the damages they have caused, medical bills and lost wages that the injured victim would no longer be able to earn due to the injury or resulting disability. To prevent people from suffering unjustly, all formal entities are guided to place high standard of care in their working environments to ensure not just their own safety but that of visitors.

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If you or a loved one has become a victim of another party’s misconduct, you can contact our New York-based law firm for legal assistance in filing your personal injury claim. Our New York personal injury attorneys understand the trauma an injury can bring to a victim, simply because someone else acted negligently. That negligence may have cost you a limb, optimum brain function, the ability to work and earn, or it could even be the wrongful death of a loved one. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve. We have won millions for several clients in New York even against high-profile defendants, and we wish to do the same for you. Contact us today for efficient and productive legal representation.



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