Personal injury attorney 10460

Personal injury attorney 10460

Are you in need of a personal injury attorney in The Bronx, NY 10460? Then possibly you or your loved one has been the injured victim of someone else’s negligence. Our team of personal injury attorneys are experts in personal injury law and would do all that it legally takes to ensure you get the compensation for your injuries.

We understand how much pain you may be going through being on the receiving side of someone else’s reckless actions. People have lost their limb or brain function in accidents which would not have happened if a driver had been more careful, or if the road construction company had done their job. Such personal injuries are hard to deal with especially as they make you incur medical expenses and can even make you or your loved one a liability. We understand these things and that is why we handle our clients with compassion and empathy, and ensure the court sees your pains exactly as they are. We may not be able to replace a lost limb, but the money (damages) which the court will award you will go a long way to make up for expenses and give you new hope to life.

If you live within the area with zip code 10460 NY, you can call us to get in touch with a personal injury attorney near you.

Personal injury law NY

To better understand or identify when you have a legitimate personal injury claim in New York, it is important to familiarize yourself with the concept as well as what passes as personal injury in New York. You can call our office for questions and consultation. However, this section hopes to give you a basic knowledge of New York personal injury law.

What is personal injury?

Personal injury is any injury to your body (physical and physiological) or mind (mental dysfunctions) which you suffer in an accident resulting from someone else’s wrongful actions. Most personal injury cases in New York stem from negligence, but some are also assaults and batteries. So long there is obvious injury to your person, you have a personal injury case.

The pains of being wrongfully injured

Personal injury occurs mostly from accidents. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere; on the road, on a sidewalk, at a shop, at a construction site—just anywhere. And more often than not, the accident occurred because someone had not behaved the way they should have.

For example, if only that driver had maintained a safe speed, he would have been able to break after noticing you crossing the road. But instead, they were at a breakneck speed and so caused you devastating injuries, possibly a lost arm. Or perhaps, that property owner had not kept the snow or water off their floor. That had caused you a slip and fall, possibly given you a head injury. These and lots more are ways in which people are wrongfully put into pains and tragedy, suffering which they would not have had if that other person had behaved a bit more sensibly. And that is why the personal injury law of New York allows you to file a claim against your injurer to make them pay for your losses. And it is our aim to help you do so.

Statute of limitations

In New York, there is a time limit of 3 years to file your claim to the court. For more sensitive cases such as medical malpractice or a case against the government, the time limit is often shorter.

For this reason, you should consult a personal injury attorney near you as soon as possible in order to go over your case and determine if you have a legitimate claim. Doing this early also makes success more likely as enough evidence may be easily collected to prove your case.

Proving your case

As your person injury attorney, we must be able to prove four critical elements to the jury before damages can be awarded. These elements are:

  • Duty of care — you injurer (the accused) must have owed you an obligation to care for your safety at that particular point in time; e.g. to keep their property and facilities working well so as not to cause injury to users.
  • Breach of care — we must also prove that your injurer neglected their duty
  • Cause and effect — and that their negligence led to the accident
  • Injury — and that you suffer injury from the accident.


This is the amount of money which the court would award you when we win your case. Also known as compensation, this amount is paid by your injurer. As your representative, it is our duty to carry out proper financial estimation of your losses and predicament. This we do with the assistance of medical and financial professionals, etc.

Comparative fault

In New York, your degree of fault would be assessed. If you were partly at fault, the estimate may be deducted from your damages.

Call us

Personal injury is an area of law where you need to appeal to emotions and compassion. Our personal injury attorneys are compassionate and will handle your case with empathy, enabling the court to see exactly how you have been wronged, and ensuring all due compensation you deserve are given to you. To speak with a personal injury lawyer near you in Brooklyn, simply call our office today to get in touch with one.



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