Accidents happen daily in New York and quite very often, it is because one party had been negligent. In the end, someone else has to suffer serious bodily injuries that may even last their whole lifetime. If you or your loved one have become victims of an accident in which there is someone to blame, New York allows you to seek compensation and have your injurer pay for their wrongs against you. To file your claim, it is important having a personal injury attorney represent you. If your injuries would be covered by insurance, your attorney can help mediate to with the company to ensure you get the full amount deserving of your claim. Otherwise, he would help file your personal injury claim to court and offer you legal representation against the accused (the party whose actions have put you in that unfavorable position).

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Our law firm offers legal representation to injured victims in New York. Our team of personal injury attorneys has helped a plethora of clients seek and acquire compensation for their losses and would help you achieve same. It pains us just as much to see you suffer injuries which you would not have had to suffer under normal circumstances, and would put all hands on deck to ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve. If you live around The Bronx 10452 and wish to speak with a personal injury attorney near you, simply contact our law office today.

Duty of care

A personal injury claim can arise from any form of accident so long there is someone to blame for the occurrence. This is given by the fact that that party did not act reasonably to avoid putting you in the way of harm. This is regarded as a duty of care. If they breach this civil duty by exposing you to harm negligently or intentionally, they are liable for any harm you suffer.

Common personal injury cases we handle

  • Car accident

Car accident cases make the bulk of personal injury cases in New York. It may be a reckless drunk driver who ran into you, or a driver who failed to look at their rear before reversing. There are many ways car accidents happen but so long there is a party to blame for it, it can pass as personal injury. However, this only applies to serious injuries such as death, dismemberment, fracture, temporal or permanent loss of organ function, miscarriage, etc. For minor cases, the insurance covering the vehicle would cover the injuries under no-fault law.

  • Construction site accidents

Lots of accidents happen yearly in construction sites. It could be because a worker was not informed about the toxicity of a substance they would be handling or was not provided adequate protective equipment.

  • Premises liability

In a shop, market place, or any other property, those in charge have the obligation to keep the place safe. If you get hurt because they have failed to do so, they are liable for your injuries. It could be a slip and fall resulting from a wet/icy floor, an under-maintained elevator or other utility, etc.

  • Medical malpractice

This results when a licensed medical practitioner gives substandard treatment or medication to a patient which consequently causes harm to the patient’s overall health. It is worthy of note that a patient’s health can naturally get worse without the doctor being at fault.

  • Nursing home negligence

Nursing home negligence arises when an older adult kept in a nursing home facility gets harmed as a result of not been given sufficient care by the management. If you notice your elderly loved one has sustained injuries, bruises, rashes, etc., please take the necessary steps to ensure the situation does not worsen.

  • Dog bites

If a dog has a history of aggression or has bitten someone, the owner is expected to put up a warning for visitors and use all reasonable care to prevent the dog from repeating such. If it succeeds in biting another person, then the owner is liable for the medical costs.

  • Defective product

You can sue a company for personal injury if you get harmed because their product was defective.

Get the compensation you deserve by contacting a personal injury attorney now!

Note that you must file your claim within 3 years of the incident. After that time, you may not be allowed to file your claim. For certain cases, the time limit is even shorter (up to 12 months). Let us help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation with a personal injury attorney 10452.



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