Personal Injury Lawyer near Me 10458

Personal Injury Lawyer near Me 10458

Different kinds of accidents happen daily, and we often find ourselves in unfortunate situations. But if you sustain serious injury from an accident that happened because someone had not behaved sensibly, then you have a right to charge that person to court for personal injury. The law of New York recognizes the fact that no one should suffer wrongly for another person’s wrongful actions, and therefore allows you to seek justice.

If the court identifies your claim to be valid, it will then request your injurer to pay you a certain amount of money known as “damages” to cover for your pains, medical bills and the limitations you have been subjected to due to the injury.

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If you have been injured by someone’s wrongful conduct in the Bronx, NY and wish to file a personal injury claim against that person, it is pivotal you do so with the legal backing of a seasoned personal injury lawyer near you. Our team of personal injury attorneys offers expert services to injured victims in Bronx County and all over New York. When you contact us, we would schedule a meeting with you to evaluate your case to determine its legal standing and how we can help you. We would also educate you about the legal process and your rights.

How we can help

In evaluating the case, we would be able to determine if the best strategy would be to make an out of court settlement with your injurer or insurance company. If not, then we would help you file a lawsuit and give you legal representation, leveraging every legal strategy to obtain you full compensation.

No one should suffer wrongly and definitely not you. You may have lost an arm or sustained a neural damage simply because that driver was not paying enough attention to the road, something they ought to do naturally. Because of that, you can no longer work and earn, and would spend tens of thousands on medical bills. We understand the pains that you must be going through and so will handle your case with empathy and compassion. We would also reflect this on the jury to make them see what you suffer. No matter who your injurer is, whether a high profile corporation or given entity, justice must prevail, and you must receive compensation for the normal life you’ve been deprived of.

Four salient factors to prove your claim

There are four critical points of a personal injury claim that we would have to prove before the court can grant you compensation. Note that if the case lies with your insurance company, then the issue of proof is no longer the priority but how much money you deserve. But in a lawsuit, we would serve to prove the following points:

  • Duty of care: at different points in time, each person owes every other person a civil duty to care for their safety. In simple terms, each party is expected to act in a safe and sensible way so as not to put another party into harm’s way. Your injurer becomes liable if they have acted in an inappropriate way, therefore causing harm to you.

For instance, the driver was drunk-driving or over-speeding, therefore lost control before running into you. The driver under normal circumstances is expected to not drink before driving or over speed so that they can easily avoid hitting another party. As a construction worker, your employer owes you a duty of care to provide you personal protective equipment because of the dangerous nature of your work.

It is our duty to prove to the jury that you were owed this duty of care by your injurer.

  • Breach of duty: If they owed you a duty of care, did they fail to live up to it? If yes, then they have breached their civil duty. They become automatically liable for any harm you suffer due to that.
  • Causation: We must then have to affirm that it was that misconduct that led to the accident.
  • Damages: Everything can happen, yet you come out unhurt — no significant injury on your person. Then you can only be glad and not file any lawsuit. But if you are injured, you legally deserve to be compensated.

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Personal injury cases demands a level of compassion and empathy. You deserve to work with a lawyer who not only has experience but understands what you are going through. Let us give you the service you deserve. Let us help you in your journey towards healing. Contact us for a free case evaluation with a personal injury lawyer 10458, Bronx, NY.



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